After we went to the panel about “Posting Fan Fiction,” Josh and I headed back to the hotel and had sandwiches for lunch. Actually, for some reason, I think we went back for lunch after the “Wolves in Anime” panel, but that wouldn’t make sense because we saw the Webcomics panel immediately after that. I seem to remember making a comment about my stomach growling during the Wolves panel. *shakes head* I suppose the timing doesn’t really matter.

The “Asian Horror” panel was a bust. We walked in just as a bunch of other people were walking out, listened to the presenter stammer about “the girl with the long black hair” and something about wrist movements for five minutes, and then we walked out. It seemed pretty … bad.

We kicked around the convention hall for a bit, I think we might’ve ducked into a video room for the rest of that hour-block, and then headed over to the “Wolves in Anime” panel ’cause Josh expressed an interest in it. The presenter had another of the PowerPoint slide shows we saw, though she had some silly text transitions. (Didn’t she know those things are only for out-of-touch motivational speakers and high school projects?)

The presentation itself was pretty well-done, except I think the pause for Wolf’s Rain discussion went a little too long. I learned a little bit about wolves in Japanese mythology, just enough that I might have to look them up on Wikipedia or something. By this point, I was starting to get the feeling that most of our presenters had been grabbed up at the last minute and had done minimal research; the main difference then was all in the charisma of the presenter.