I woke up to my alarm at around 8 AM on Day 2. I hopped in the shower and brushed my teeth, and Josh was up by the time I was out. We headed over to the Super Target to get him a cheap toothbrush, and I picked up a cheap sweater for myself because it was just chilly enough that I didn’t want to be without one. I actually used that sweater several times throughout the convention. We stopped in to Barnes & Noble so Josh could gawk at the Dungeons & Dragons stuff (it was adorable, really).

At some point that morning, we watched an episode of Pokemon, ’cause it was the only thing on all exty channels we got that was worth watching. I fiddled around with the hotel’s wifi on my laptop, checked email and such, but didn’t get up to much. I went to go get our convention badges while Josh worked on homework — got through registration pretty quickly, gave Josh a call and told him to get his butt in the shower before I got back. I gave him a quick background on the character of Wolfwood.

We hit up two panels in the morning — an “Indie Game Development” panel and a panel on “Posting Fanfiction.” We headed back to the hotel for lunch, and we watched a couple of episodes of Trigun on the Internet for research. We headed back to the convention for the “Asian Horror” panel, which turned out to be a bust, followed by “Wolves in Anime” and “Creating a Webcomic.” We went to Chili’s for dinner, and the appetizer alone was so filling that we wound up taking out entrees back to the hotel to eat later that evening. We watched more Trigun. :D