Day 3 got off to a much slower start. I woke up about the same time as I did the day before, but I stayed in bed and caught up with my email and Facebook. Josh tossed and turned for a couple hours while I started to type up my reviews of the convention. Most of the panels I’d wanted to see had been in the first two days, so Sunday was going to be a lot more leisurely. The early-morning crisis was where we were going to keep out luggage for the next couple hours, since check-out was noon and the convention went until 4.

We didn’t have much of a breakfast, Josh finished off the muffins he brought and I had another of my protein shakes (yay, liquid breakfast), and we got showers and teeth-brushing done. Sky High was on, and Josh watched that and worked on his homework first thing. We missed the first two panel blocks of the day (which admittedly only looked sort of interesting) and we got our luggage squared away before heading over to the convention.

We sat in for the “Fan Fiction: Basic Plot and Structure” panel, which was a decent enough review of the dramatic writing structure, and we decided we were pretty much done with the con. I called our ride to let her know we were ready to go, and Josh and I sat in for the “What Makes a Winning AMV?” and the first part of the “Desperate Hollywood” panels. There was a little mix-up in leaving the convention, but since the hotel and convention center were within a block of each other, it wasn’t anything too exciting.