Josh and I arrived at the hotel between seven and eight. We checked into the Marriott TownePlace and moved our stuff into the room without incident. We did manage to pick up an adorable, hyperactive teen girl, who we found bouncing off the walls in the lobby at speeds exceeding the sound barrier. She demanded answers about the convention and asked some oddly … forward personal questions. I caught tidbits of her story: something about her family staying at the hotel because their house burned down. I think I’d have been more sympathetic if she’d sounded more upset about it. O_O

After we unloaded our stuff from the car, we had a nice dinner with my mom at the Cracker Barrel that was across the parking lot from our hotel. I saw Rowan there, and she let us know that we’d arrived too late for registration. Dinner was okay, but I think I’m disillusioned with Cracker Barrel. On the way back to our room, we saw Hyperactive Teen Girl again, and she’d come back from the swimming pool. She dubbed me “Creepy Guy,” and that was enough for me to decide she wasn’t going to spend any more time hanging out with us.

Josh and I were pretty tired and he crashed out early. I took a walk around the area to locate spots of interest, like stores and eating-places, and tried to figure out where the convention center was. We were next to a big shopping center, and after a bit of a hike (due to mixed-up directions), I found the convention center was only about a five-minute walk from our hotel. There was a huge line for the “Formal Dance,” and I spotted Rowan again, this time waiting in line. We chatted briefly before I headed back to the hotel. I was asleep before eleven.