Allandra is my female eladrin wizard/cleric, and she was female from Day One. Her concept was conceived as female and every iteration I’ve made of the character since I first gave her form in Oblivion has been female, (though her name changed quite a few times). I wrote female on my character sheet, and made note of it when I handed my sheet to the Dungeon Master for inspection. He knew and I knew, and I knew he knew, and he knew I knew he knew. No doubts.

So, when my new compatriots, the boisterous dragonborn ranger, and the jerkass half-elf ranger spoke about me as if I weren’t there, referring to me as “him” and “that guy,” all the while assuming my character was male, I let them go right ahead and think it. And when the DM stumbled over my character’s name a couple times, I had him shorten it to “Al” to make things easier. I figured, what they didn’t know would embarrass the hell out of them later. *chuckles*

We went a couple of game sessions before I revealed to the dragonborn that my character was female, and he didn’t really care, one way or another. Pink fleshy things to him were pink fleshy things (never mind my character’s distinctly Asian features and dark skin). It was quite a few game sessions down the line before I bothered to let the half-elf in on the joke — hell, it may have even been after I saved him from that water trap-room. Heh, that’s a story in and of itself. *shakes head*