I mentioned Mediterranean Plotluck in one of my previous entries — the first attempt at applying setting and concepts that would eventually become Rumors of War, which started as an idea for a Mage: the Ascension game. (You can tell I’ve been building toward this, kind of.) The Isle of the Shifting Stones was the first adventure I wrote for the setting, and the events that took place there set the tone for the rest of the campaign.

The island-dungeon itself was intended to be one of the antagonists: formed of interlocking hexagonal stone columns, the whole island undulated periodically to throw adventurers off their feet, create temporary hills and pits, and swallow the slow and the unwary. It really wasn’t intended as a 1st-level adventure, but that’s sort of what I adapted it to be. I pulled a lot of punches and in my opinion, the adventure had a different impact than what I would’ve liked. Not as dangerous, not as interesting. :/

I got the idea for the shifting stones from a couple of pictures I found on Deviant Art: one was a 3D concept art piece that was a bunch of hexagonal columns sticking out of some water, and the other was a drawing of two adventurer-looking kids sitting on some rocks by the shore while waiting for their companions to get off a boat. In my mind, the two pictures became one, and I decided I wanted the terrain itself to be a major player in the adventure, kind of like one of those “pin art” things.

I tried to add additional features beneath the island, but I deviated so far from my original idea that I don’t really see a point to including them here. The other stuff can wait for another time — moreover, it’s an idea I’d like to revisit, and maybe get right this time. At some point, anyway.