So, I have this idea that I move through cycles. My mind jumps through the same hoops at about the same time … in some kind of identifiable pattern. I first noticed this when I was perhaps 15, and reviewing a journal I’d written when I was younger (or maybe I was 18, reviewing a journal I’d written when I was 15) and realized that I still thought a lot of the same things I’d thought before, but my thoughts were tempered by experience and had evolved. I thought the same things, but for different reasons (read: better reasons).

One of my part-time obsessions is to figure out these cycles and chart them as I go (I think they’re annual), so I can see them coming and take advantage of their regularity. I think I go through the same emotional ups and downs, experience the same dreams, and ride the same surges of creative energy. (“How regular” is the main question here. “How do I use it” is the next question.)

I realized how powerful my intuition was at about the same time I came up with the concept of these cycles; I set myself on certain mental tracks, and while my origin point had changed, my destination remained the same. I’m pretty sure my intuition very much understands what I’m on about, even if I don’t. :)