I have close to, probably more than, 100 hours of recorded audio from a D&D game I ran for my friend Don in 2009. I would love to sit down and wade through all of that audio to create a series for people to listen to; to hear how we play and to get some of the types of jokes we make. I certainly think we’re funny, and it’d be nice to share it with our friends.

So, it literally starts in a tavern, where Don’s character Myrean meets a bard who’s looking to recruit some fellows for an adventure, and he gets roped into this voyage to visit a faraway place. The beginning is pretty much crap, but it’s hard to get a game moving, you know? Compounded by the fact that it’s just the DM and one player, and we were both a bit rusty. We got pretty far along, actually, and I was actually hitting my stride when Don’s life became too hectic to continue.

Still, I know how I’d set it up, if and when I have time to go at it — your average podcast bores me ’cause they tend to be on the long side (with uneven pacing). I’d make sure individual episodes of the podcast had specific arcs that were covered, and were no more than, say, 4-6 minutes apiece, maybe 8 minutes at the most, you know, roughly the length of a long song.