I remember seeing a trailer for a movie on a DVD that Megan and I rented one time, that looked interesting enough to see: the movie was called The Invisible. It was about a smartass kid who got beaten nearly to death, dumped out in the woods, and spent most of the story as an intangible spirit. He was trying to figure out whether he was actually dead, and how he could reverse his situation.

We rented it and watched it, and it was actually kind of cool. On the whole, the movie was mostly average, but it had some ideas that were pretty awesome. Since the scope of the film was pretty small, the fact that not everything worked out the best for some of the characters (some lived, some died, some got away with murder, some got stuffed in a fridge, etc.) wasn’t so terrible. It’s a movie I might watch again.

Another film that came out that year, which you should not watch for any reason, is I Know Who Killed Me. I didn’t watch the whole movie, but I know Megan did, and the parts I saw were horrible. Lindsay Lohan is some chick, who isn’t really this other chick, who disappears, but gets found, but is really being held hostage by a serial killer who’s torturing her, but she actually escaped from him, except she really didn’t. I just made more sense of the plot than the movie did. Don’t watch it. :P

Watch The Invisible, not I Know Who Killed Me. Unless you have an amputee fetish, I suppose.