I’ve finished the first five pages of Chapter 14 and I hope to finish building the rest of the chapter by the end of this weekend so I can do … other stuff! The comic is always my number one priority, after all. (Even when I want to be playing Guild Wars! Maybe even *especially* when I want to be playing Guild Wars.)

I’m behind on writing drafts for Chapters 15-18, but rest assured this arc is going somewhere. With any luck, we’ll see Elysia, Nenshe, Illyra, and Occela begin to form a more cohesive team, but you never know.

The short story I’ve been working on in the background plays into this story arc … somehow! I’ve written two drafts so far, and I’m working on a third draft between other things. I’m also working on the test project I created to learn Inform 7 on, so I’m busy, busy, busy!