So, there’s the bird imagery in the background for the Guild Wars 2 necromancer and the profession has this power called “locust swarm.” First things first, the locust swarm thing irritates me because I know the Diablo 3 “witch doctor” is going to have a locust swarm power, and so I’m immediately suspicious. Now, the black feathers have me thinking about The Crow and its connections to death, the dead, and the afterlife.

So, in addition to raising the dead, we’ve got bugs and birds. Yay. Somehow, I feel something is amiss. It’s my thought that the nature-oriented classes should get the animals, not death-oriented classes. Nature-mages like druids should be summoning up swarms of insects, not death-mages, and the same thing goes for birds, even crows. It’s like, what, we don’t get enough out of death — spirits and spooky things — to fill out the power suite of a necromancer, we have to crib critters from the nature mages?

I gave it some more thought. Carrion birds, creatures found around corpses, generally feeding on them, probably get associated with death, and it differs from culture to culture. You know what I’d like to see now? An Egyptian-themed death-mage that summons spectral cats.