I love necromancers, it’s no secret. I’m mystified by dying, death, and what, if anything, exists beyond it. So I kind of gravitate towards dark, spooky things; I think skulls and skeletons are pretty neat, I think zombies are AWESOME, I enjoy morbid jokes, jokes about death (and zombies), my favorite holiday is Halloween, and so on. My fascination with death and the macabre extends well past the normal reaches of my memory, but I’m bound to remember things while working on this series.

I hope to touch on lots of ideas about death, dying, the afterlife, how games like handle death and how I *wish* they handled it, concepts like the afterlife and returning from the dead (mostly in games), and sorts of other things, like the portrayal of death magic and what kinds of things you can or can’t do to a creature’s “soul” or “spirit” (hurt it, fix it, enhance it, destroy it, create in from scratch, etc). Maybe you’ll read it, maybe you’ll like it, maybe you’ll have some ideas you’d like to share, too. Hopefully this series will never die — and with critters like Cthulhu around, you can never tell if dreams may outlive death. :)