I mentioned that I was working on a short story in one of my posts on the 17th, and I am indeed working on a short story, which is set in the world of Rumors of War, a gaiden story, if you will. Anyway, it’s something of a horror story, so I’m going to set a very-definite release date for the story on Halloween. Then you can read it in all of its multiple drafts of blood-and-sweat glory (a little of mine, a little of the protagonist’s).

In the meantime, I’m going to be outlining a number of short stories that I plan to rough out during November for National Novel Writing Month. Hopefully, out of all the stuff I write out during November, a couple more stories will come out of the woodwork. (Not actually “out of the woodwork,” since I’m letting you know about. I’m afraid I’ve just strangled that poor idiom.)

The most that I’ll tell you right now is that the narrative style is inspired by the writings of one H.P. Lovecraft, and is titled “The Creature in the Quarry.”