It was a dramatic revelation without the usual pomp and flair. As I paced the floor on the ground level of the house I’m living in now, I thought to myself, “I guess this means I pace.” It’s an annoying habit to some, but it’s a reality for me. I have a habit for walking back and forth, either forming a line or a circle, as a method of concentrating or clearing my mind.

I’ve been aware of it for some time — years, in fact, but it was now that I realized I actually pace. Sort of like coming out of the closet or something — I don’t know. I just sat down this morning and thought about what it meant to be a pacer. It means that wherever I live, there has to be sufficient room for me to move about, because it’s very difficult to pace in a small place.

Pacing can have adverse effects on the people around you, especially if you’re wearing shoes and they’re trying to sleep. This, I know from experience. It can also be distracting to people who have a tendency to follow movement in a room, or people who are generally irritated by anything and everything that goes on around them.

Sit down and have a serious talk with yourself and find out if you’re a pacer, too. No need to force the issue. Also, you might discover you have the habit of talking to yourself.