When I was younger, particularly when I was in high school, I would chug Mountain Dew like there was no tomorrow. Once I discovered I had some disposable cash and a smidgen of economic freedom, I capitalized on it. I’d buy a case and go through two to three a day. The amount of caffeine wouldn’t help me stay awake, in fact, I lapsed into what I referred to as “sugar comas” when the effects wore off and I promptly went asleep. You heard me right, folks, I used Mountain Dew as a sleeping aid.

I don’t drink much soda nowadays, not even (especially not) the diet stuff. Aspartame gives me headaches, I don’t like the sugar crashes, the carbonation upsets my stomach, and too much caffeine gives me extra heartbeats. I stopped cold turkey sometime before (or during) the time I took tons of dance in college and switched to water almost exclusively. I don’t remember it being all that difficult, so either it really wasn’t, or I blocked out the trauma. *shrug*

Once I dropped out of college (read: ran out of money for community college) and moved to Utah, I, uh, found that my body still wanted hydration but didn’t want plain water. It’s this whole thing. So I experimented with Crystal Light for a while, but that didn’t really hold with me, it was too much effort. Then I picked up some Propel here and there, and it works for me.

Eventually, I hope to be active enough that I can switch back to plain water, though I might try this “tea” stuff that works for other people I know. :P