So, I have this draft sitting on the server with the title “Finding My Moral Compass Through Gaming,” which is way too pretentious for me to justify posting. I like having it there, though, because it reminds me about one of the subjects I really like to think about when it comes to gaming. The name of this particular entry is taken from a trope of the same name, and this post resembles my own sense of morality growing up. Kind of. :p

I’m not entirely sure how and when the transition began, but I’m straining my memory for examples of when and how the shift in my perception began. I’ll have to look at some of my older writing, but I remember that I still thought it was cool for the good guys to win as late as 6th grade, but was moving away from it within a few years. I remember The Death of Superman story arc, which took place when I was, like, seven or eight, and I know that was huge for me. (I wanted the Eradicator to be the new Superman, even though I thought the Cyborg and Superboy were pretty cool. Steel’s backstory was too grim-dark for me.)

I missed most of the Dark Age of Comic Books, but a couple of my friends were reading comics from that era, (and the comics their older siblings were reading), so I got a taste of what those comics were like. I remember hearing about Spawn and The Punisher, though I never personally read them, and I remember receiving a couple of awfully grim-dark Batman comic books.

I remember those Batman comics actually gave me nightmares. *shudder*