So, I want to do a series of posts based on the D&D game I’m playing in now. I figure I should do a short little introduction, and then get to the quote, since I’m tired of writing “and here’s how I discovered X” entries. I’m playing a wizard/cleric in an ongoing Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons game. A little background for my character will be forthcoming, but right now, I’m going to say my character’s personality is a combination of the Only Sane Woman, Zen Survivor, and Team Mom tropes.

“Please stop helping.” — Directed at some fairies who used their magic to put our party to sleep. My character avoided this fate (albeit temporarily) simply because when the DM rolled against my character’s Willpower defense, he got a 1 on the 20-sided die, which resulted in an “automatic failure.” Apparently, that was the only reason my character wasn’t put to sleep with everyone else.

I spoke with the faeries and tried to figure out why they were using their magic on us. To paraphrase: they were “helping” because we were all “working so hard” and “looked tired.” I tried to convince them we needed to be alert in case enemies were near, to which they replied, “it’s cool, we’ve got this covered.” I got a little bit more information before the faerie I was speaking to decided I was too tired to continue, and magicked me to sleep.