I think it was a good idea to set down my goals for the weekend last Friday, so I think I’m going to do it again this Friday. Last week, I built all of Chapter 14, but I haven’t had time this week to do much work on Chapter 15, which still needs a rough draft. Now I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen, now I just need to figure out how. I’ll have to write the draft either tonight or tomorrow morning to make sure I have some time between drafts to catch my mistakes.

Once I’ve got both drafts squared away, I can begin building the pages, which I can mostly do without drawing any new characters — though at least one minor character will appear in this chapter, probably. I’ve got D&D tomorrow night, but I shouldn’t have to prepare anything. Somehow I think there should be something else on my list of things to do (as if penning a chapter, revising it, and building it in one weekend weren’t enough…).

I mean, there’s this blog, obviously, which I should be working on all the time, but something else — I know, maybe I’ll release some tidbits about my project, currently nicknamed “White Cliff,” that I have slated for once I’ve finished learning the basics of Inform 7. It’s a bit of Interactive Fiction that ties into the setting of Rumors of War, though obviously it’s still in planning stages.