Considering how much writing I’m doing these days, I have to consume, like, four times my weight in webcomics, funny Internet videos, geek jokes, snarky political commentary, and gaming literature.

My weekly intake currently consists of 6-8 servings of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (I can tell when I’m missing them, I start reading the Huffington Post to fill my cravings), and I snack on articles from the Friends Don’t Let Friends Watch Fox News feed on Facebook.

For webcomics, I indulge in a selection of Girl Genius, Darths & Droids, Erfworld, Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes, and Order of the Stick. My mainstay, of course, is that Girl Genius updates on a Monday – Wednesday – Friday schedule, and Darths & Droids updates on a Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday schedule, which means I’m guaranteed something good 6/7 days a week. :) Now, add Erfworld, Goblins, and OotS to taste, and when I’m feeling indulgent, a bit of XKCD.

I’m subscribed to the EN World magazine (the same group that hands out the “ENnie” awards), delivered via email — that’s where I get most of my gaming news. I only skim it, because games publishing really bores me right now. Every now and again, though, something catches my eye.

When I want something loaded with sugar, fat and oils, and salt, I head over to TVtropes because it tastes so good, but I’ve been trying to cut back, since it’ll rot your teeth brain.