“The Menace of the Icy Spire” is a Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition module that was printed in the Dungeon ezine #159. It’s a tidy little adventure that I’ve run several times now, twice as a solo game, and once last night for a group of two, joined a few hours into it by a third. It was originally designed as an adventure for five 2nd-level adventures, but I like how quickly the adventure kicks off, so I scaled it down (using the always-useful Adventure Tools software) to be a 1st-level adventure. :)

The adventure takes place in the little village of Stillwater or Loudwater or something like that (not that the name of the place is really all that important), which is approaching the harvest season, when a supernatural winter blows in and threatens all of the town’s agricultural produce. The speaker for the town sends the party to a warlock’s tower north/west/east/south of the town, where the magical winter seems to be coming from.

There’s a short trek through the wilderness, including a blizzard and a couple outdoor encounters, then there’s the exploration of the tower, which is decently-sized. Last night we squeezed in 7 encounters, plus the blizzard, which functioned as a skill challenge, and everyone got from 1st to 2nd level, with an extra serving of experience points. Everyone had a great time except for what was effectively a TPK in the first combat encounter — it was the very first encounter of the evening with brand-new characters, so we hand waved it.