It’s been a while since I extolled my love for Mark Twain. The dude is seriously awesome, just check out an anecdote of his I found in a blog entry for the Office of Intellectual Freedom. He’s hardcore. If it takes a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris to implode a dude’s head, all Mark Twain needs is a thought. His sarcasm could cure cancer but also caused people’s heads to explode from awesome. (Un)fortunately, Mark Twain is dead.

Also! In case you didn’t know, it’s Banned Books Week! An event that encourages people to pay attention to the widespread challenging and banning of books from public libraries and schools. As a writer, Freedom of Expression is pretty much how I live with myself from day to day, which brings me to my next link — the Video Game Voters Network. I recommend everyone who plays and enjoys video games does what they can to make themselves aware of “the issues.”

Video game legislature is a big enough deal that Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation made a video for the VGVN. Next to (and maybe even slightly above and to the left) of writing, video games are an important part of my life. Here’s a link to the VGVN, with some facts about gamers and gaming that might intrigue you (as they intrigued me).