I’m teaching myself how to use Inform 7, as I mentioned before. I find it helps to immerse myself when it comes to learning a new set of skills; it helps to have some kind of drive, some kind of attachment, an investment, a clear sense of a project, or what I want to accomplish. It also helps to have a teacher, someone who can guide me in my learning.

So, when I got started learning Inform 7, I had, like, none of those things. I mean, I guess you could say my attachment or investment was that I’ve wanted to get into the gaming industry by hook or by crook, and I saw Interactive Fiction as a clear starting point, if only I could find a way to, well, do it. I’d previously considered learning Action Scripting in Flash, but I couldn’t find an easy way to get into it. :(

I like making games, and I enjoy programming as a form of creative writing. Usually, there’s more than one way to code a given thing, and there are strengths and weaknesses to choosing a given language or a way of expressing something with code. I haven’t touched programming of any sort since I fooled around with the Neverwinter Nights script over five years ago. And so I dove headfirst into the Inform 7 manual.

I named my first project “test drive,” and then spent hours and hours of getting an idea of the vocabulary of programming in Inform 7, and what it was all supposed to be about.