I just got back from Inception about two hours ago, and I think I was impressed. I think I would have actually liked to know a little more about it before going in, because there were enough plot threads that I spent most of the first half of the movie trying to figure out what who all was on about and why.

Inception is a heist movie for the Matrix generation. If we go based on the information provided in the trailers, I’ve already spoiled a substantial part of the movie by describing it as a heist. The first part introduces us to the concepts of entering the dreams of other people, we have a mysterious guy hire the protagonist to pull off the heist, and then the team is assembled.

The main twist, or perhaps the Untwist, is that rather than taking something, the team is assembled to plant something. It’s a lot like More Than Mind Control, but somehow, through it all, it seemed to me that the movie had, overall, a much lighter and softer ending than, say, The Prestige, which is a movie that was so dark and depressing that I don’t want to watch it again. Christopher Nolan has learned that there’s money to be made in selling DVDs, it seems. :p (He directed both.)