There have been a lot of zombie movies over the years, and other people have done reviews of the different types of zombie creation, but this isn’t about the many different types of zombies, it’s about my favorite type of zombie. I like my zombies to be animated corpses, raised by magic, and virtually indestructible.

You don’t kill them by shooting them in the head, mowing them down with a truck, or setting them on fire. They usually don’t run, they usually don’t talk, they follow the commands of their creator (depending on the type of magic used) and they certainly aren’t evil; they’re magically animated automatons. I don’t like for people bitten by a zombie to become zombies; they don’t usually have feelings, memories, or personal desires, ’cause all of that strays into ghoul/vampire territory.

I like my zombies to be like the Terminator. I like for them to keep going when they’ve been chopped in half. I like to see severed hands and feet straining to get at their targets. Zombies usually have lots of vulnerabilities, like being slow or stupid, and to make up for it, they really need to be nearly indestructible. They shouldn’t have a weak point unless you’re talking about the magic that animates them, and in that case, you’d need to magically “pull the plug,” which absolutely must involve other magic.