I really like to run games — and this certainly isn’t limited to Dungeons & Dragons. I love designing worlds and characters, and crafting ongoing stories. The last several years, though, I’ve run into a lot of issues that have spoiled the experience for me. I want to point out that no one is to blame, it was a run of bad luck and a large dose of pessimism.

It may have started when I found I enjoyed running games at conventions more than running games at home. Home games offered greater character and story development opportunities, but it was more difficult to keep my friends on task. Since I game as a hobby, I take gaming seriously. When I get together to game, I want to play.

Things definitely took a turn for the worse when I moved away from my original gaming group. I realized the sorts of things I was accustomed to at the table were alien to other people. It’s taken years for me to adjust to play environments other than the one I grew comfortable with in California.

Finally, I found I had grown exhausted from teaching the rules of the game. I’m always happy to accept a new player, but there were a few people who weren’t interested in learning on their own, or “doing their homework,” which irked me more than a little since I consider gaming serious business.

Eventually, I stopped being interested in running games for groups that weren’t interested in playing — and I’ve played with a lot of different groups in the last five years. Still, the desire to continue exercising my imagination by creating characters and stories led to the creation of my webcomic, which I certainly don’t regret, and I’m playing in a regular D&D campaign. I still miss DMing, though. :(