On facebook, I posted some comments about elements of Persona 4 I found disappointing. A friend of mine asked me if I disliked the game — his question made me consider my opinion in more depth.

My preference is for Persona 3, which I feel had more interesting characters and story, and gameplay that was more internally consistent.

I don’t dislike Persona 4, I just prefer Persona 3.

It’s funny sometimes, the attention expressing an opinion gets you.

That morning, I happened to read an article on the Huffington Post by Shepard Fairey, the illustrator who created the Obama “Hope” poster.

He had been interviewed about the state of the country’s progress. He expressed some criticism but continued to support the President.

Of course, the media went to town with the interview and dropped him in the “disillusioned with Obama” category. That just isn’t the case.

(If you’re interested in Shepard Fairey, here’s a link to his Artsy page.)

Like Fairey, I want to say that my feelings about Persona 4 are more complicated that a simple “like” or “dislike.” I’m enjoying Persona 4, but not in the same way I enjoyed Persona 3. They’re different games with different messages.

There are my feelings, and then there’s what I’m going to do about them.

Will I finished Persona 4? Eventually.

Will I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Persona 3? Probably not.

Will I buy Persona 5? We’ll see when it gets here.

April 8, 2015: This post got an overhaul and a new link!