I have some ideas about how I want this blog to work. I want to update it 3-4 times per day, with an average post length between 150-300 words. It would function as a combination of a journal, a soapbox, a developer’s blog, and other stuff. I’d have one-shot posts, links to cool things I found, links to stupid things I found, quotes, jokes, shout-outs, rants, ideas, and some serialized pieces. I could re-post announcements about game releases and the whole shebang.

All of this gives people an excuse to come to the site and read things, check stuff out, glance over the comic, leave a comment, stuff like that. It helps that I like to write, and I like to write about things that interest me (I should hope so). Also, I can share thoughts and comments about some of my projects that have no other outlet, on one of my favorite topics of discussion: Awesome Projects I Have No Time To Spend On. Look for that one, coming soon. :p