So, I was looking for more information about the Head of Vyrellis from the adventure our D&D group is currently on (in the Pyramid of Shadows) and I stumbled across this blog, Sly Flourish. I really like what this guy has to say about Fourth Edition and DMing. He has a great article about things a solo monster should have and a list of handy tips for new Dungeon Masters (or a refresher for anyone who’s been DMing for a while).

He’s also got a killer picture gallery, shot from his own games. I also found this little gem while scrolling through his archive of tweets, linking to an article about making a published adventure “your own.” Good things in general, I’m going to have to keep an eye on this one and come back from time to time (like when I get bored and don’t want to check webcomics or TVtropes again) and see what else there is to see. :)

Of course, one of the things that truly makes this man a DM among gods, is his charts and tables. There was also this handy link to a blog post written by Shawn Merwin, encouraging DMs to “hack” or modify pre-fab adventures. Thanks Sly Flourish!

Incidentally, my reading about the Head of Vyrellis up to this point has given me a good idea of how the adventure plays out (not that I didn’t already have a good idea) and some ideas for how I’d run it if it ever came to it. I figure I’ll take some of those ideas and apply them to some of the adventures I’ve got in the works — stuff I want to publish and all that.