I was poking around the Internet for tips and tricks to help my DM roleplay the Head of Vyrellis, an intelligent magic item my character picked up in the adventure Pyramid of Shadows, when I stumbled upon this website called Obsidian Portal. It looks pretty cool — it looks like it lets you create a blog+wiki combo to keep track of your gaming campaign: individual game sessions, characters, locations, items, and all that jazz.

I remember trying to keep up game journals/wikis for the last couple games I ran — one for Mediterranean Plotluck, a campaign I ran via Skype for friends in California, and one for the original Rumors of War campaign I ran in late 2008/early 2009. The podcast I wish I had time for was actually the second iteration of the Rumors of War campaign I ran, tweaked and refined to work as a solo game for my friend Don.

Anyway, I’m going to have to check out more of this Obsidian Portal thing and see if it might make sense to transfer some of my old campaign materials over there, and maybe use it in the future. Honestly, I only got a vague idea of the site while I was there (I had other fish to fry), but it looks legit. I totally “Stumbled” it. :)

(Wow, I really racked up the cliches in this post. O_O)