Like a lot of people, I imagine, I first found out about Jonathan Coulton because he wrote the ending song for Portal. I even listened to the song before I played the game. Admittedly, at the time, I liked it more when GLaDOS sang it, so I didn’t really give his other music a chance.

And then I heard him again in the car on the way to weekly writing group. He was singing about eating people’s brains as a zombie. Okay, I thought, he had some other songs. Oh, and then he sang a code monkey and in love with the receptionist at his office. And then he sang about an evil genius — “I’m so into you, but I’m way too smart for you/Even my henchman think I’m crazy, I’m not surprised that you agree.” I think it was the line about “ruining a pony” to make a gift that really got me.

So, now I’m plugging him because I’m totally listening to his music and I think he’s awesome. So there. “The voices that control me, from inside my head say that I shouldn’t kill you … yet.” :)