Guild Wars necromancers create minions from the corpses of fallen allies and enemies, starting with the basic, entry-level Bone Minion. These things are oddly adorable — they run suicidally into combat and throw themselves at the nearest enemy (they aggro, like, everything) and fight ’til they drop, their hit points rapidly depleting all the while.

They have a lot of personality for nameless minions, and I think I would equate them to Starcraft‘s zerglings. Not quite on the same level as Diablo 2‘s skeletons or other revived creatures, since those were slow, stupid, got in the way, and were a lot less durable (before various patches fixed them).

I don’t know, probably because bone minions suffer constant health degeneration (the rate of their health degeneration increases constantly), and it takes a great deal of effort to keep them alive; which only becomes more difficult while enemies are attacking them. There’s difficulty in creating them to begin with (you have to wait for something die and/or leave a corpse first); I have this strange feeling of attachment to my minions.