I was thinking about the female characters I’ve played.

Which has me thinking about the first Guild Wars character I made, a sunlight-loathing necromancer named Mwnyn. As many characters as I tried after that, I never took to the other classes the way I took to the necromancer. She’s a necromancer/monk, and I tend to carry around the Resurrect spell. Given my tendency to outlast the rest of the party, I’m handy for picking up the pieces of the party after a near-total wipe out.

So yeah, it’s part of my philosophy that if I’m going to be staring at/thinking about a character for hours at a time, they ought to be worth looking at/thinking about. One more reason to play female characters, am I right?

Sure, I play male characters here and there, but I don’t really want to spend that much time thinking about … a guy. It’s also great for uncovering rampant sexism in a group, like when you’ve got guys asking if your character’s on her period “or just being a bitch.” It’s helped me avoid a couple groups I’d rather not have stayed in. :shrug: