So, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Guild Wars 2 (technically I’m awaiting preorder of the game) and I’m very much looking forward to playing a necromancer. I’ve got my desktop background set to the spooky dude they have from the preview (where’d the cute girls from the first game go?). Anyway, with all of the staring at it that I do, I noticed some interesting details about it here and there, and *then* I started to think about them.

For instance, I noticed just the other day, that in the bottom left corner, not only are there some awesome spooky bone fiend-minion things, but the necromancer’s robe kind of dissolves into this black feather pattern-y thing. It got me thinking about birds, and the new bug powers the necromancer gets, and what exactly belongs to a death mage insofar as symbols and magic powers go. :/