I remember when Sim City 2000 had run its course, my brother and I had cause to search through all of our PC games for other game demos, then called “goodies” or “extras,” which would keep us entertained whenever we grew hungry for a new gaming experience. So we happened upon a demo for a program that let you make your own games, called Klik & Play.

I don’t suppose your average kid dreams of making their own games, having grown tired of the other options available and thinking they could do a better job, maybe we were just weird. Working together, my brother and I created a short trilogy of games called Spinny’s Great Rescue, which starred an animated saw-blade character that came with the Klik & Play demo. Spinny fought his way through a series of platform levels to rescue a princess. Truly inspired, those games were.

Klik & Play was probably the first game software we “ordered away” for — the software wasn’t available in stores, so, with help from our dad, we tried this “online ordering” thing, and it arrived by snail mail a short time later (days? weeks?). We were so excited, for when it arrived, it came in a big, colorful box with an instruction manual and everything. (I still have that manual, by the way.)

Klik & Play was probably the first thing to get my brother & me involved in communities on the Internet, but more on that another time. :)