I promised I’d reveal some information about one of my big side-projects over the weekend, and then I wrote a bunch of other stuff that came to me on Saturday morning instead. So, I’m finally getting around to my special announcement a day later than I expected, but I hope you find it worth the wait. :)

Somewhere between learning Inform 7, playing in our weekly D&D game, and craving copious amounts of Half-Life 2, I conceived of a horrifying adventure to bring my favorite aspects of the Half-Life universe into my own setting. It started out as a desire to write a Mega-Adventure that could be published right here on Norvendae, but I didn’t want it to deviate too far from the Rumors of War setting. So I sat down and tried to think how to harness the pure awesome of Half-Life without compromising either setting or premise.

I won’t reveal a huge amount of details just yet, but I’m simultaneously developing a text-based adventure game using Inform 7 and a module for Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition. The adventure will be escaping from the eponymous White Cliff arcane university after an accident unleashes a horde of extraplanar creatures (some of them stranger than others) on the ancient world.

Look for more hints, previews, and tie-ins on the blog. No promises on when the adventure will be delivered, either in module or text form — I’m still learning the ins and outs of Inform, and as of right now, I’m writing tons of other stuff. Still, after the comic and the blog, it’s my number one project. :D