The Guild Wars Ritualist is a bit of an odd duck. In some ways, I’d almost consider them more of a necromancer than the necromancer profession — they actually summon spirits of the dead rather than crafting servants out of conveniently-located corpses. I mean, the word “necromancy” translates to mean roughly “divination through the dead.” It’s more about contacting spirits and playing 20 questions than forging armies of skeletal and zombie minions and covering the earth in a scourge of undeath…

Ritualist powers are divided into four main categories — Channeling, which seems to be about energy and life-force, it includes lightning-energy attacks and what might be considered “vigor” effects, Communing, which seems related to either the relation between the material and spirits worlds, either making the caster (or allies) less affected by physical effects, dulling the abilities of foes, and making the characters less a part of the world.

The Restoration and Spawning Power powers are a little less well-defined thematically — Restoration is pretty self-explanatory, being related to restoring hit points and removing negative status effects. Spawning Power is a very “meta” category of powers, related to your Binding Rituals (those powers you use to summon spirits), and what you can do while you wait for those long summoning cooldowns.

The Ritualist actually has some pretty cool powers related to the concepts of ancestral worship in Eastern mysticism, something I’m going to get more into when I get to who’s dead, how they got that way, and what’s done with the leftovers. :D