Today has been a pretty lousy day. I had a weird dream about a pet I don’t own dying indirectly as a result of my actions, giving me cause to be deeply moody and lethargic first thing this morning. I’ve been trying to kick-start my brain, but very little seems to have helped. I’ve also bitten my lip (gain) probably because the vampire in me is low on iron and (idiotically) hopes to recover iron by sucking my own blood.

This is not to mention the bloody nose I had first thing after I got to work this morning, except, wait, now I’ve mentioned it. I stared at my computer for quite a bit this morning, trying to get my brain to turn over, like a car that doesn’t want to start on a cold morning. I wanted to give myself a little love-tap to the noggin, but I really didn’t want to cause any damage. My experience with hitting things to get them to work usually involves breaking them permanently or knocking something loose that was, you know, important.

As I glance at the clock now, I realize I’ve been at lunch for over 30 minutes and I’ve done precious little but stare at the computer screen in a daze and wonder how much longer the day would last. Will I check this post again for grammar? Probably not. Thankfully, Firefox has a built in spellchecker, though thankfully the O.E.D. I received via genetic memory means I rarely make spelling errors, even when exhausted.

Days like this are what the weekend is for. >_<