Most of my day job consists of data entry of one sort or another. Either I’m entering customer information into our company’s database for our guys in tech support, or I’m entering product information into our accounting software. There’s lots of typing involved, lots of copying-pasting, rapidly tabbing back and forth between software programs, and lots of memorization of corporate minutiae.

I don’t hate it, it just wasn’t one of those things I thought I’d be doing for a living. And yet, it’s proven incredibly useful in one of the most unexpected ways: working on my comic, Rumors of War. I’m not exactly an illustrator, I’m a lot more at home with the idea of arranging pre-rendered sprites on a background and adding in dialogue — and that’s where the data entry skills come into play.

I have something like two years of experience in rapidly copy-pasting information, making instant corrections in spelling and grammar, remembering details and recalling them on the fly — and that makes my approach to the comic akin to second nature. I write up my script for a comic chapter, plan the action, design a handful of backgrounds to be used and reused as necessary, prepare sprites in a number of different positions — and when it comes time, I roll out a whole chapter in one or two sittings.

I spend a lot more time in planning and development stages than I do in the actual implementation of the comic, which I think is probably how it should be. It seems to me a lot of times, that I’m dragging my heels, when in reality, I’ve just streamlined the process to the point that the comic happens precisely when it needs to. I think I totally reached one of my goals for this year. :D