When I write a chapter of Rumors of War, I sometimes have to write an exploratory draft before I can ever write a rough draft — sometimes an idea or plot point can languish for several weeks before it becomes obvious how it’s resolved. It’s really a variable length of time; it can be immediate, and sometimes it takes a looming deadline to bring a resolution into the light. Like with Chapter 15, for instance. :P

I chose the medium of Rumors of War for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was because I didn’t want to take an extra year or so learning how to draw. *whistles tunelessly* There are a number of other things I wanted to take a stab at when I wrote the comic, like space limitations with dialogue and limitations on the overall complexity of the story. I wanted to see how epic I could make a story that didn’t deviate too far from the basic expressions of sprites.

Er, anyway, this exploratory draft for Chapter 15 featured a really stupid joke that was cut out before I finished writing it, but I decided to preserve it here for your enjoyment.

Nenshe: Whoa.
Elysia: Don’t go all Neo on me.
Nenshe: Go what?
Elysia: Never mind.

(Neo is Greek and is usually prefixed to words to create words like Neo-Classical. Neo is also the handle of the protagonist from The Matrix. Elysia’s making an anachronistic pop culture reference which is also an incredibly stupid, stupid pun.)