Following my thoughts on playing a female character in Guild Wars:

I think the first time I played a female character in a tabletop roleplaying game, I played a little pink-haired girl named Angelique. The game was a mash-up of various anime series, plus elements of White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting, using the Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM) system. I modeled my character after Anita King and Yomiko Readman from Read or Die , so, she had paper-manipulation powers and kicked ass in a fight.

Three of the five characters that started the campaign had names and/or titles based on angels — in addition to my character Angelique, we had a gun bunny named Angel, and an actual angel called Anthony. Together, we fought crime and struck outrageous poses. The guy who handed out our missions was gifted the name/title of Charlie by virtue of the three angels on our team. :D

In addition to “the angels,” we had Kenket, a hot amazon catgirl, and Terry, an unfortunateinvoluntary shapeshifter who alternated between crude biker and the vamp, who pulled double duty as Angelique’s parental guardian.

I had a blast playing a homicidal little girl — she was a stone cold killer with a bright smile who liked books, hated fire, and was into kicking ass. :)