(I’ve had a couple late posts recently, so this one will be early, mostly ’cause I’m tired of watching the clock and waiting for 4 PM.)

So one of my good friends from a ways back likes to post in Japanese in her Facebook status updates. She’s a rabid ravishing Japanophile, so I forgive her, but I give her a hard time whenever I can.

Today she posts twice, the first time I leave the reply “Yes, very.” That elicits a clear “fail” response. The second time around, I reply “O RLY?” Hilarity ensues.

Why? Evidently, she’s said “My friends are awesome,” but the word she used for awesome, saiko, sounds very much like the word “psycho” to English-speakers, resulting in a rare example of a non-suggestive double entendre. Naturally, being the kind of friends we are, when clarifying whether we were all actually “crazy” or “awesome,” she declared that were were, of course, both.

To which I replied with the following TVtropes link: Crazy Awesome. Now, that in itself is a pretty funny exchange, but with a bit of background, it gets funnier: see, she’s said before that she hates me for how much I link to TVtropes, ’cause she gets sucked in whenever I post a link. Thus I demonstrate my “crazy awesome” by having great links, excellent timing, thereby driving her up the wall.

By the way, she’s hilarious and has a podcast, called Gaijin Kanpai, which you should totally check out now. She goes by Zer0. :)