I get kind of crappy sleep on the weekends. Usually I stay up late on Friday night — I mean, I was probably up until 2 or 3 AM, just writing and stuff — then Saturday is a late night due to our D&D game running late, like, always, and then I have to try and make up for it on Sunday night. Psh. Like that happens. :P

So, Saturday morning, I woke up at, like, 8 AM. Which was crazy, because it meant I’d only gotten about six hours of sleep. I just, I mean, I don’t wake up that early except when I’m trying to wake up on purpose. It’s just kind of outrageous. Saturday night was, predictably, a late night, ’cause D&D went until almost 1 AM, I think I was asleep by 2 or 3 (again), and then I woke up about a quarter after 8 AM Sunday morning.

Seriously? I mean, I’m ecstatic to wake up so early, and have so much time during the day, but seriously? Anyway, going to sleep by 11 PM Sunday and waking up at 7 AM this morning, I could feel pretty dead. I mean, that was 8 hours, I should have been floating on clouds, compared to the walking dead feeling I had instead. Well, I got into work this morning, dragging my feet, and wrote this as my Facebook status:

“Is a potato clock this morning. Sure, I can tell time, but I’m a freaking vegetable.” — Three friends liked my status, and a fourth replied: “no batteries required~” I might have missed her meaning there, but I had this to say in reply: “I am the potato — I AM a battery. Like The Matrix, but starchier.” I may be a vegetable, but that doesn’t mean I’m dull-witted. :P