I played a couple adventure games growing up, but I started in just *after* the genre began to die. Some of the games I played were The Curse of Monkey Island, Myst, The Black Cauldron (previously mentioned) and Alien Logic, which were all exploration- and puzzle-based adventure games.

And there was Zork Nemesis. While Myst stood out for having almost no dialogue or character interaction, and Alien Logic stood out for having a truly alien science fiction world to explore (and action point-based combat!), Zork Nemesis stood apart for being very dark in both story and visuals.

I remember as a kid, I affirmed and reaffirmed my belief that adventure games were superior to twitchy, hack-n-slash arcade games, gory fighting games, and the emerging first person shooters, but that alienated me from most of my peers. I stood apart as being more interested in cerebral games, but my stance was eroded by flashy graphics, and the fact the adventure game genre was pushing up the daisies.

I remember making the transition to platform-based action-adventure games like Donkey Kong Country, and to adventure-roleplaying games like Evermore, Secret of Mana, and Link to the Past. Gradually, I made the jump to the Final Fantasy series in high school, after falling in love with Chrono Trigger.

I intend to write more about all of these titles in the coming days and weeks.