Escape from White Cliff was an adventure I planned for some months before running, and I shared lots of my notes leading up to the start. For a time after, I also kept up a sort of running commentary on my blog with a summary of whatever encounter I might have planned, followed by dissection, and then reflection.

It became difficult to write summaries as the adventure progressed and with big life events popping up intermittently, I had to call it quits. Unfortunately, our group didn’t conclude the adventure before my break from gaming, so many of the later plot threads were unexplored or otherwise left hanging.

Jul 24, 2011
(Prismatic Wall)
WC-E… I Lost Count

Mar 4, 2011
(Zombie Triathlon)
WC-E08 Summary

Mar 2nd, 2001
(Ambush in the Stacks)
WC-E07 Summary
WC-E07 Postmortem

Feb 18th, 2011
(First Boss Fight)
WC-E06 Summary
WC-E06 Postmortem
Navigating the Stacks

Feb 16th, 2011
(The Shadow Troll)
WC-E03 Summary
WC-E03 Postmortem
WC-E03 Last Words
Library Interlude

Feb 14th, 2011
(Fritz and Lazlo)
WC-E02 Summary
WC-E02 Postmortem
WC-E02 Last Words
Whispers in the Dark

Jan 31st, 2011
(Lock and a Hot Place)
WC-E01 Summary
WC-E01 Postmortem
WC-E01 Last Words
Navigating the Wreckage