“Organized Chaos” is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Player Characters

Brother Aniseseed, male human cleric
Adriel Ratheria, female wood elf ranger
Humperdink, male gnome wizard
Kenny Cott, human fighter

Non-Player Characters

Blunder, kobold herald
Fleurbairdius, king of the scarecrows
The Innkeeper, innkeeper
Sharkbait, male dwarf barbarian
Lord Stonewall, male human fighter
Lord Witless, male human noble

Retired Characters

Lady Stonewall (deceased), female human fighter
Garen, male human fighter
Leathan, male githzerai monk

Campaign History

The campaign began in September.
Entries are in reverse chronological order.

November 3
Episode 6
Nick was the DM.

Episode Summary
– Leathan returned with paladins (Kord)
– Investigated Great Wall of Copper
– Investigated missing scarecrow patrols
– Met Fleur Board, King of the Scarecrows
– Learned about Winterhaven druid circle
– Purchased Witless Manor in Winterhaven
– Recruited 5 additional kobolds
– Investigated gnoll demon smugglers
– Killed 3 gnolls
– 1 kobold minion fell in battle

October 27
No game session
Nick at “Hack the U” hackathon.

October 20
No game session
Stupid scheduling error.

October 13
Episode 5
Nick was the DM.

Episode Summary
– Killed 7 hobgoblins
(Paladin) fell in battle

October 6
No game session
Nick & Owen at The Aquabats! concert.

September 29
Episode 4
Nick was the DM.

Episode Summary
– Conducted funeral for Lady Stonewall
– Recruited 35 commoners to raid dungeon
– Killed 1 kobold
– Killed 4 hobgoblin
– 3 commoners fell in battle
– 2 commoners fled the field
– 1 commoner rewarded for service & discharged

September 22
Episode 3
Nick was the DM.

Episode Summary
– Killed 6 kobolds
– Encountered winged kobolds
– Killed 2 kobolds
– Killed 1 ogre
Lady Stonewall fell in battle
Adriel received a grievous injury

September 15
Episode 2
Nick was the DM.

Episode Summary
– Killed 7 kobolds
Lady Stonewall received a grievous injury
(Githzerai Monk) received a grievous injury

September 8
Episode 1
Nick was the DM.

Episode Summary
– Rolled up new 1st-level characters
– Reviewed summary of setting changes
– Reintroduced town of Winterhaven