War of the Seven States of Magic (ongoing development)
Older than the other projects on this site but only recently named, WotSSoM is an enormous cross-platform game setting. Originally intended as a roleplaying game system, WotSSoM eventually expanded into card game, board game, and video games projects, furthered by the stories in Rumors of War and “To Catch A Goat.”

War of the Seven States of Magic draws heavily on inspiration from old world history and mythology, including Greek, Egyptian, and the Near East. It is a world of heroes and demigods, magic and monsters, and legendary, world-shaping events.

Additional information can be found throughout the blog archive.

Dee Point Five (ongoing development)
“Dee Point Five” is a free and open project inspired by the d20 System of Hasbro / Wizards of the Coast. It incorporates many ideas and concepts inspired by the d20 System and could be considered a thought experiment and informal bridge between the d20 System and WotSSoM. Completely unofficial.

Scales of War (April – July 2012)
Scales of War was a short-lived video series following my development of single-player rules for Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Though development continues, the video series has ended. Videos are accessible through this website and Blip.

Scales of War is a Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Path.

Rumors of War (March 2010 – July 2011)
The website grew up around the comic, which launched in March 2010. Available online are five complete story arcs spanning some 500 pages. The comic stalled midway through Chapter 33, which was finally completed about six months later.

RoW follows the adventures of Elysia, Nenshe, Illyra, and Occela, four individuals of power, and members of an organization called the Order of Orion. The characters also appear in a series of short fiction pieces (“Vignettes”), and Elysia is the main character of an unpublished novel, Seeking Order.

To Catch A Goat (May – October 2011)
Originally intended as a spin-off comic from Rumors of War, TCAG is a work of serialized fiction in the form of one-off blog posts, and follows the adventures of several characters introduced in RoW. It ended without a formal conclusion.

TCAG follows the investigations of Esther, Artuto, Alquis, Nicyes, and Mercer as they uncover clues related to the mysterious “Lake Sickness” in the isolated town of Chaika. They quickly become embroiled in a sinister plot and discover dark forces that threaten to swallow the town whole.

Other Projects
At any given time, I have about a million other things going on at the same time. I have a file somewhere on Thanatos (my laptop) with a list of all the projects I have ongoing, and the projects I would someday like to do. The list includes everything from video games to comics and novels to songs, movies, and artwork.