Norvendae is the fictional world I began developing when I was in fifth and sixth grade. It now represents a collection of my creative work, as I consolidate the projects I’ve spread across the Internet since I arrived in the late nineties.

Who I Am
I’ve accepted and cast off a lot of labels throughout my twenty-plus years, and my identity is one of those great works-in-progress that I will continue to develop until my expiration date comes up. I’m a husband and a father. I’m a wage slave and a writer. I’m a gamer and designer. I’m a workaholic and procrastinator.

I live in Salt Lake City and I do lots of stuff. I maintain and provide content for this website. Most of what you see here I made myself. I’m currently hosting a few stories now that were lost to the Internet for a spell. Check them out!

What I Do
Current projects include a massive cross-platform game (combination of board game, card game, role playing game, and a couple disparate video game projects) that I’ve been developing for several years, War of the Seven States of Magic.

Past projects include the Rumors of War webcomic, a smattering of serialized fiction (“To Catch A Goat”), and the occasional short story (“A Wizard’s Torment” and “Fruben Daleborn and the Demented Shopkeep”).

I’ve done tons of game design work, mostly dabbling with existing game systems like Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Arkham Horror. I’ve made games using Klik & Play, Multimedia Fusion, Inform 7, and RPG Maker.

I’ve performed on stage as an actor and dancer, written and performed a monologue or two, I’ve directed for the stage, and also designed and managed stage lighting. I (successfully) learned basic audio engineering in a weekend to fill in as lead tech at one of the largest anime conventions in the country.

I’ve been master of ceremonies (Emcee) for theatre, campfires, awards ceremonies, and contests — I’ve performed improvised comedy, and I have hundreds of hours of convention experience — planning and hosting events.

When This Happens
I’m always working. I like to solve problems and to perform research. I enjoy the challenge, and look for new quandaries all the time.

I update the blog multiple times weekly. I no longer update on weekends because that’s when I rest. If I don’t update during the week, I’m probably busy with other stuff — whether it’s exhaustion, anxiety, depression, or something else.

I hope to eventually make a triumphant return to the convention scene as an industry guest in the future, rather than an attendee or staff member.