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Continued from this post.

> be the lying status message

You try to be the LYING STATUS MESSAGE, but it’s an UNRELIABLE NARRATOR, or at least a SHAKY NARRATOR AT BEST and you are quickly directed to the nearest NARRATOR OF A LESS DUBIOUS NATURE. She just so happens to be the young girl on the other end of the LYING STATUS MESSAGE.

What shall the name of this girl be?

> enter name

The young girl is now called SOFIA.

> be sofia

Your name is SOFIA. You are in your BEDROOM. You are covered in a layer of sweat and grime which is NOT ESPECIALLY REGAL, but YOU DON’T REALLY CARE. You have just finished your first round of LABOR-INTENSIVE CHORES as expected of someone of your ELEVATED SOCIAL STATUS, and you are ENJOYING A GOOD SITTING-DOWN.

There will be time for GROOMING later.

As it so happens, your PRETTY SWEET GAMING RIG is making noises at you to suggest that one of your friends is scandalizing you, but you are having difficulty mustering the urge to get off your REGAL RECLINER and answer them. Not that you don’t adore and appreciate your friend. You just ENJOY A GOOD SITTING-DOWN.

> rule them all

Oh, you will. One day.

> crush them under your heel

Soon enough.

> obey the fist

Okay, but will you refresh my drink first?

> why won’t you move

Can’t you see, I’m sitting down?