So, you may have noticed an abundance of roleplaying posts that have sprung up all of a sudden. Well, about a year and a half ago, I described a character I once played in a Play-By-Post game, and after several failed attempts to create a text document chronicling his adventures, I figured it’d be easier copying them into entries here.

Due to the fact that I haven’t actually obtained permission from any of the other players to copy over writing and stuff, I’ll only be including my own writing, plus quotations and such for context. My writing style actually incorporates a fair amount of contextual information, so the occasional quote should hopefully be all that’s needed.

Perhaps once I’ve had the opportunity to review and enter the relevant posts on my blog, I’ll make some attempt to weave an original story from my writing — sort of like a “Fix Fic” or something. The more I think about it though, the less I think I’ll ever do much more than copy my writing over here. Either way, I hope you find it entertaining.

Original post:
“Elric Darme the Good”

Additional information:
“Brother Elric Darme”

I’ll admit, I come off as a bit standoffish at times throughout the adventures. Behind the scenes, I was usually arguing with Jack about one thing or another, usually his portrayal of my character’s actions during combat sequences. He had the tendency to ignore both my character’s personality and tactics in favor of railroading events.

There is a lot of text because I had the tendency to put a lot of thought into my character’s actions and dialogue. It helped that it was Play-By-Post and that most of the other players were in different time zones. I usually had a fair amount of time to think through my posts. I’m going to lump several posts together at a time.