I don’t know if there’s a waiting period or what, between times when I feel comfortable with working on developing the character classes for Norvendae, but I’ve made some progress with mystics. I forget what spurred my current mood, but I found myself reading about different spiritual practices of mystics and shamans in South America, and that really got the ball rolling.

I have their names/titles now, so it’s a matter of writing up their respective descriptions. My work on the class roles (offense, defense, support) helped as well, because it got me thinking about what can and should be expected by such characters. Mystics are a support class, intended to enhance the abilities of those around them and provide a sort of, I don’t know, … mobile, character-based command center.

Knowing that eventually clerics, bards, mystics, and marshals will all be filling support roles (partially, at least, with room for “multi-classing”) by utilizing Cultures, Theatrics, Intuition, and Initiative skills by way of their class powers … helps me create a better-rounded picture of what the support role is supposed to embody. For me, anyway.

With any luck, I’ll have the different types of mystics written up before the end of the day. If not — then hopefully by tomorrow, but certainly by the end of the week. Yikes, that makes it sound like work, doesn’t it? *snerk* Anyway, it’s an ongoing thing and it’s going pretty well for now, so I hope to keep making progress toward it.